Shri Kartikeyapuja 2022



“Jai Kartikeya, Shri Kartikeya”

By New Zealand collective

About Shri Kartikeya

“Kartikeya represents the great, we can say, the captain or leader of all the ganas, – of all them like a commander-in-chief. Ganesha is a king but He is the commander-in-chief. To be in command is different from to be a master. Master owns it; a commander does not own it. He does not own it, – that is also lost. Possession is also lost, we just command it. And that is the state we have to come to now, from Ganesha state to the state of Kartikeya, – the other way round.

Ganesha is nice. He’s the king, very nicely sitting down with all the powers, alright? In a sense He’s there but Kartikeya is the one who commands innocence, gives you a power of that commandment. He commands. After the Guru Puja it’s better that we should have the power to command others and that commanding spirit comes in the men through their talking, through their dynamism, through their personal achievements; for the women through their loving power, through their forbearance, through their gracious behavior,forgiveness, compassion. So let us develop that today, that we can command it means it’s not that what we have but in a position we are to command. I hope you understand what Kartikeya is.

1) The spirit of Kartikeya – that pure, absolute dynamism which doesn’t indulge into nonsensical things and useless things, which show results.

2) Now in front, in the center, here is who? Kartikeya is in the center; Christ is in the center. In the center itself, where the chiasma optic is, here outside, is Kartikeya. What is Kartikeya? Kartikeya is the protector of Christ. Around Kartikeya, they’re all the protectors of Christ.

3) You know Narakasura has taken birth, and he’s to be killed, the Sahaja Yogis are going to kill him. You have to come up to a point and definitely he can be killed. When Kartikeya is awakened within you, he can be killed. But for that you have to be just like gold, untarnishable. You need strong people to do that. A sword that can kill him has to come out from your mettles. Then Narakasura can be killed. He is one of the worst possible asura. That is the fourteenth day. When he was killed, the gate of hell was opened and all those who where his disciples or his followers or satanic people were put. That’s the only day you can sleep late and a good news for you.”

H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

About Right Mooladhara

When it comes to clearing Mooladhara we usually miss our right Mooladhara. Right Mooladhara is the chakra which is abode of Shri Kartikeya. He is the one who protects us from the demonic forces.Right Mooladhara is the chakra who manifests wisdom and surrendering of Shri Ganesha. Right Mooladhara is also important as out of eleven Ekadesha Rudras two are Shri Ganesha and Shri Kartikeya. The Rudras protect us from satanic attacks and give us strength to fight negativities. Therefore, right Mooladhara becomes equally important for clearing and strengthening our left-side.It is observed that when our right Mooladhara improves our catching of left Swadhisthana reduces.Shri Kartikeya also keeps supervision over hell. Shri Bhairavnath, while fighting against spirit possessions in us, touches Right Mooladhara and therefore works in coordination with Shri Kartikeya to thwart the negativities from our subtle system back to hell from where they came.The power of Shri Kartikeya is also very essential in preserving our innocence. When the Kundalini ascends from the sacred bone to Sahasrara, right Mooladhara plays an important role in clearing out the blockages in the path of Kundalini.